Beck Finally Drops A New Single, ‘Defriended’

Sure, he just put out the sheet music “album” Song Reader just last winter, but it’s been far too long since Beck released a proper album of new songs. Now, it looks like the long wait is near over: He’s apparently not just working on one, but two records to be released independently.

Rolling Stone cites a “music industry source” close to Beck, who says the musician intends to release the previously announced acoustic album, and another record that will serve as an official follow-up to 2008’s Danger Mouse-produced Modern Guilt.

But if all that wasn’t enough, today Beck dropped “Defriended,” a new standalone single which won’t be on either album. With deconstructed electronic beats and washy vocals, this could be yet another new direction for the iconoclast, shapeshifting musician. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.