Who Am I Kidding? I’d Probably Eat That…

I am a huge fan of the website This Is Why You’re Fat, a brilliant blog that regularly shows photos of disgusting food concoctions that are so intensely bad for you that you have to question who would come up with this, let alone eat any of that junk. However, I regularly find myself admitting, “Who are you kidding? I’d probably eat that…” when I see some ungodly fatty meat invention. It’s not like I’d order it myself necessarily, or even make it at home. But I’m pretty sure I’d be game to eat anything on this site if it was served to me.

That said, LA Times and Huffington Post have tuned in on some buzz has been going on in the last few days about a new KFC product, the ‘Double Down,’ a hilarious “This Is Why You’re Fat”-like spoof on America’s obesity problem.


And yet, it’s not a spoof. It’s real and it’s currently being test marketed in Providence, R.I. and Omaha, Neb.

It’s a “sandwich” of cheese, bacon and some sort of sauce, housed by two pieces of fried chicken breasts that serve as bread. It’s a wonder on the same level as the much derided KFC Bowls. America has spoken and I can’t wait to know what Patton Oswalt thinks.

But who am I kidding? I’d probably eat that.

UPDATE 8/27: In what might be the single greatest piece of writing in the now ubiquitous “KFC Double Down” genre of creative writing and criticism, Sean O’Neal of the AV Club, has a fantastic dystopic write-up. One of the many highlights:

Well naturally it’s exceeded expectations: Not only is its design a blow against “the tyranny of the bun,” it’s also the ultimate challenge to the rest of the fast-food industry to step up its game. KFC has seen your impotent Triple Whoppers and raised you bacon and cheese wrapped in two slices of fried chicken; put up or fold. And such escalation is a critical step toward engendering a citizenry so docile and addled with saturated fats that it has no choice but to accept whatever health care plan will cover their rapidly corroding insides.

Still, I’d probably eat one.

Best Song I’ve Heard All Day — Psych Pop Edition

(parts 731-733 in a 1001 part series)

I cannot express how much I am looking forward to the new Flaming Lips album Embryonic, which arrives in stores on October 13. From what I’ve heard of the pre-leaked tracks, the band sounds to be taking another sonic shift… a bit more psychedelia and noise than the last few albums. I was probably one of the few who thoroughly enjoyed At War With The Mystics, but I can see why people thought it was a bit too similar to Yoshimii and were subsequently underwhelmed.

Anyway here are all the songs so far…

Silver Trembling Hands:


Convinced Of The Hex:


The Impulse:


See The Leaves: