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Empty Bottles and Dog-Eared Books
Empty Bottles and Dog-Eared Books
It seems like things work out better in threes. It's that extra person that can help get over the hump if the other two are stuck. This is one of those months where we win again due to being three. It's been a crazy month for me work wise, and fortunately we had two other people to step it up and find time to collaborate and get some new songs done.

The challenge of releasing an EP every month for a year would be a daunting task for one, even two people, but with three even if the other two people are MIA for that month we have one fall back to get it done. And the beauty is that fall back can even rotate every month. But hey regardless we've done it again, 9 out of 12. Already three quarters of the way through the year on this project, with only 3 more to go...

helloAryn September 2007

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