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The Cavalry Arrived Again
I'm really starting to notice it with my tomatoes. I just planted them two days ago and am already feeling the impatient agnst of having to wait until late July for my sweet, juicy babies. My dad would have no problem with this waiting period. How is it that he can patiently make his way through 800 page non-fiction biographies (plural) about Abraham Lincoln, but finishing a Dan Brown novel feels like an uphill battle for me?

It's intriguing to me, this concept of instant gratification of what's next. We live in a world of google capable cell phones, overnight UPS shipping upgrades, and leaked rumors of the next creation of Steve Jobs. Even with music, I'm horribly impatient. If a song doesn't have a clear direction by a half hour, I give up on it and try something else. If I haven't had a decent idea in a week, I call it a rut. If I'm in a rut for a month, then my hopes of reaching rockstar status by the end of this year must be over- all because I didn't have a decent song by a half hour's time!!!

At this point in the liner notes, I feel that I should tie all of these thoughts together with a discussion of how the technology of instant communication has ruined the patience of the human race, but I think you can fill in the blanks. No need to waste your time, so I'll proceed to the gist as it relates to this ep.

The Cavalry Arrived Again. Only four eps into the year-long, monthly ep adventure, and the three of us were feeling a bit stale. Our solution? Change things up with a little challenge. Take a common bass track from Aryn and compose a song with it in isolation from the other two gents. What would happen? Would all three songs sound nearly identical or radically different?

Did this cure our rut? I would say it worked for about a week, but by that point we had impatiently moved on to dreaming up concepts for the June EP. Go figure...

helloGreg. 06.06.2007

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