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First Pull Up, Second Pull Down, Third Take Away

As some of you may or may not have noticed, the countdown timer on our website has expired. was originally created to mark down the days, minutes, hours, and seconds until our first album release.

Mike and I set it one year ago today to get ourselves motivated to create something, get something recorded and released so that the musical relationship that we have been honing over the years did not go to waste.

Well that timer worked, it got us to keep up with our recording, and due to the installation of our "Year of EP's" I and the rest of the crew feel that we have at least fulfilled the initial mission of the clock.

I'm not sure what it is about having to have that pressure pushing down on us, but I think we've found that because of that timer, and subsequentally because of the artificial montly deadline that we have created, that spark of movement is lit and keeps things rolling forward. I'm really proud of whats been accomplished so far. Can't wait to see where we are at EP12.

hello.Aryn 03.31.07

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