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Well cover month is officially over, and we have re-worked, re-mastered, mashed up, re-done, and generally messed around with other's music. Originally we were thinking that it would be an opportunity to show our perceptions of other bands work. Musicians that may have been a huge influence, or maybe just something that we generally like and have always wanted to learn how to play, the source was open ended,and it only had to be something written by someone not ourselves.

Well, this suggestion that we pick our songs held for a while until someone else (either Mike or Greg) suggested that we choose two songs for one of the other guys to cover (two so they had a choice of which one to play). This idea simmered and evolved into "Cover one of OUR songs" and here we have it, a few interpretations of our respective hello.counterparts.

It's always interesting to hear one of your own songs through another person's fingers. Those subtle things that you loved about your initial version could be the one thing that is left behind, with something you never heard in your own track amplified and brought front and center. It could be an improvement, a complete disaster, or something in between. Either way, love it or hate it, it's always good to hear your own art with a fresh perspective.

helloAryn 07.08.07

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