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Temporary Setback
So it turns out that writing liner notes is harder than I expected. You are currently reading my third attempt to write an introduction to this little project we have going- the hello come in 12 EP's in 12 months new years resolution.

My first attempt at liner notes was to rewrite the chat exchange between Aryn, Mike, and myself that started this whole monthly mini-EP release thing. That seemed too easy and unoriginal, so I ditched it.

My second iteration was to tell a story that happened to me in Bermuda that involves dining alone in a romantic Italian restaurant, looking like a terrorist on a suicide bombing run, getting food poisoning from rockfish, spending some time in the hospital without insurance coverage, but ends with the reminiscing of a WWII nurse-saves-soldier love story, riding in an old English sailboat, learning proper knot tying techniques, planting avocado trees, and hammock-napping on a remote, privately owned Atlantic island. In the end, though, this version of liner notes turned out to be too wannabe stream-of-conciousness in its style (typed in all lower case; random first person thoughts inserted as sentence fragments, etc, etc) and too forced in trying to tie together the title of this EP, Temporary Setback (shitty trip turns into sunny, fun time with people dancing and singing in SATB harmony by the end).

I will save my cutesy self-indulgent writings for another day and instead go for a hopefully genuine introduction to the latest hello come in adventure. These monthly releases will be largely imperfect, unfinished, undermixed, mis-timed, and occasionally out of tune, but they will serve us well. They will force us to get into a creative habit. They will stand as a record of our growth as songwriters and ultimately rock star heroes of the universes. They will give us each the opportunity to record a larger volume of music, make cover art, pick track lists, and write liner notes But perhaps most importantly, they will help three post-college friends scattered about the country stay in touch on a near-daily basis.

helloGreg 01.29.2007.

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