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The Ninth Great Fire

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Between juggling real life and jobs, finding time for music takes just as much planning as anything...especially when trying to learn new toys to add to the process. August saw the three of us expand getting new software like learning some basics on the amazing and complicated synth modeler Reason or trying something completely new like Greg learning to program beats with Ableton Live. Oh yeah, and I finally was reunited with my long lost pal, my Fender Rhodes after a two year trial separation. How I missed you.

Sometimes in music these new toys can be as much of a hindrance as they are helpful and inspiring...especially at first. They can open up countless new options and conjur ten new songs or they can bring you back to square one. One step forward, two steps back.

Years back when I first started picking up new instruments, I remember how frustrating it was to have all this previous knowledge but having to start at the beginning with memorizing fingerings or new clefs. Adopting a new program like Live or Reason (or any other software for that matter) is just the same...trying to learn what it can do, how you can use it easily and how it relates to all the other pieces you have in place.

Unfortunately no matter how many new guitars, glockenspiels or high-tech gadgets you add, you still have to have a song to write. People tend to forget that step, or at least overlook it. Finding that time to write a great song still seems to be the challenge. One step forward, two steps back.

helloMike August 2007

Album Image - "Infantrymen of the 255th Infantry Regiment move down a street in Waldenburg to hunt out the Hun after a recent raid by 63rd Division." 2d Lt. Jacob Harris, April 16, 1945. 111-SC-205778.
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