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Ancient Telephones
It's round two of liner notes for me, which means we must be 1/4 way through the year already. Unbelievable. This month has been busy for us-- job changes, heavy work loads, champagne toasting for webby nominations, helping girlfriend move apartments, etc, etc.

I myself have just moved into a new house and have been enjoying decorating the bare floors... and walls... and having the chance to cook more often. Since I gave away all of my third generation sofas and scratched non-stick pans when I graduated college, I'm starting from scratch this go around. Decorating has been tasking my creative quota recently, which has highlighted the intriguing case that many of life's tasks are similar to recording music:

1. I am going to (decorate, cook, record) the (coolest, tastiest, catchiest) (room, dinner, song) ever because I am such an innovative person! Let's get this thing going and make a brilliant statement to wow the world with.

2. Holy shit, I have no idea what I am doing. How the hell does one create a (color scheme, recipe, chord progression)?

3. OK, OK, I've randomly stumbled upon an idea that really grabs me. Let's base the theme off of (this jute rug, onion and garlic in olive oil, repeating E major and A major on the steel string).

4. I better analyze this situation a little more closely to make sure everything is in order... damn- why is it that my (apartments, dinners, songs) inevitably are based off of (shades of brown, boneless skinless chicken breast, I and IV chords repeated over and over and over again)?

5. I am seriously the most boring person ever! I think I need to improve my reputation here by interjecting a unique (piece of art, fresh herb with a french name, surprising slash chords subtly placed to raise the listener's eyebrow).

6. I think this is (looking, tasting, sounding) a little more interesting, but I've killed my confidence. I have to run this by (my Mom, Sarah, Aryn and Mike).

7. Hey, this isn't so bad, but next time I'm going to do something more innovative.

8. Rinse and repeat.

Actually, now that I've written two liner notes, I think they follow this same progression. Go figure...

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